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Fallers is the most.
addictive game.

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Fallers is addictive.
Very addictive.

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Have fun with this ios game
Plenty of roles to play

Play in our 4 and incresing worlds! Each world will make you play different, the special skill will change from world to world and you will have to master them all! Try to stay alive for as long as you can and share your score! No one can beat a Faller Master!

Animal game with
weapons to use

Ghosts, Bombs, Ninjas and Ovnis... What are you waiting for? Try to master all your weapons and use them intelligently, don't waste them! They will make you go through the hardest times and get free of everything who's falling upon you! Be safe!

Different worlds to play
fight even against aliens!

There's no much to say here... I bet you won't play versus them, you need to be a real master to fight them and few of you will be able to reach them without cheating... Aliens still alive!


Just a couple of friends working hard at home! Still hidden :)


The idea came to a 19 y.o. programmer from Barcelona bored at home, he picked up a designer friend and Fallers came to life!


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E: hello@playfallers.com

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